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Isobel George
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Mixed Media Artist Isobel George
A  B  O  U  T     T  H  E     A  R  T  I  S  T
Mixed Media Artist Isobel George

My mother once told me that I was her “easiest” child because she could sit me down on the floor at the age of two with a pencil and paper and, for hours, I would draw... furniture, mantel, vases, brothers and sisters, anything and everything, whether it moved or not!.”

Isobel George still “draws” from what’s around her, ingesting the images and emotions and re-creates them as watercolour, oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings in an abstract or semi-figurative style. In watercolour, she has developed a technique of working with the water, the pigment and the paper, that produces the flow and spontaneity inherent in her work.

“Drawing subject matter from life and from my imagination, I begin a piece with a minimal pencil sketch on heavy, rough watercolour paper. Working wet-on-wet, I apply my initial background colours, using broad brushes loaded with pigment, creating a combination of intense, bold colour and subtle, seductive washes. I use the paper as my palate, allowing the colours to flow and blend freely together.  I may add black gouache to some areas of the painting, which creates a vivid contrast between the opacity of the gouache and the translucency of the watercolour.  Sometimes, I add a touch of soft pastel and, perhaps, some gold leaf... providing an interesting textural interplay.”

She uses a very different approach when working with oils and acrylics, which tend to come from a contrary, unrelated corner of her mind. No drawing is involved -- she launches straight in with the colour and allows the painting to develop a form and structure of its own.

A native of London, England, Isobel George emigrated to Virginia in 1971 with her husband and two sons where, as a self-taught artist, she spent fifteen years working in graphic design and illustration, providing imagery for books and periodicals.

For almost forty years, she has dedicated herself fully to painting, dividing her creative time between California and the south of France. Her work is exhibited in both public and private collections in Europe, South America and the U.S.A.